Ten things to consider when building a web page for SEO heaven

1. Choose the correct DOC TYPE. Pages will not validate with an incorrect DOC TYPE and your page may even cause browsers to flip out for no obvious reason.
2. Create a unique META description and title tag for each page that will reflect the real content of that page. Slow down and read the copy. Duplicate description tags may indicate to a search bot that the page may contain duplicate content.
3. Fill in the alt tag that accompanies any image. Again, validate,… the page will not validate without alt tags filled. It will also add much needed bot-readable keyword text to the raw code.
4. Give the filename for the page a unique name. Reflect the nature of the page’s content in the url.
5. More content! The more text on a page, the happier a search bot is and will spend more time there reading.
6. Avoid Flash, but if you must, keep it to a minimum and make sure it is not the most dominate part of your page. Yeah, the bots say the can read flash documents now, but there isn’t any evidence of that claim or of their accuracy if they actually do.
7. Try your best not to use tables. Seperate the design from the content as much as possible. This isn’t as important to search bots as many designers would lead you to believe, but let’s get with the times.
8. Add keywords to the keyword META tag. Just for old-time’s sake. It can’t hurt.
9. Turn off all of the CSS on the page and examine it. That is the way a search bot sees it. Does it make sense? Is it readable?
10. Finally, be relevant. Update often. Consider using WordPress. The era of instant search is coming,… or maybe it’s already here.


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