Popcuts.com is going to pay you back for buying music

Pocuts.com is paying you back

Berkeley, Calif.-based Popcuts, which publicly launched its Web site in early August, charges users 99 cents per song. Thereafter, whenever someone else buys the same song, those who have already bought it get paid in credit that can be redeemed for more Popcuts music. The earlier you buy a song, the larger your cut of future sales.

And while credit is currently the payment option, the site’s founders hope to eventually pay users in cash, too.

Not a lot of selection, but a cool new place to put up your tunes.

Popcuts user Gary Yao, 25, said that while he’d prefer cash to the current site credit that users earn, he likes being rewarded for buying songs. So far, he’s earned $5.25 by buying tracks.

“It gives me an incentive to go out there and see what’s new and available,” the San Francisco-based product analyst said, adding that he’s discovered a few new bands by using the site over the past month.

They’re inking a deal with distributors.

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