Meet Glen Campbell (Yes, the Singer of Rhinestone Cowboy)

Guilty pleasure anyone? O.K. I admit it. This is one of the coolest albums to come along in a long time for me. No, I’m not a fan of country music in general. I do like a few of the artists who exist in that realm and I secretly wish that they didn’t. You could say Glen Campbell is one of them. “Rhinestone Cowboy” was one of the first 45rpm records I bought when I was a kid, but I didn’t follow his career beyond that until a good friend turned me on to this incredible songwriter with the awful voice named Jimmy Webb. Well, I needed to hear everything Webb had penned so I wound up listening to a lot of Glen Cambell, Art Garfunkel, the Supremes, and (throw in the name of any notable singer of the 70′s here).

I can’t say that I love every track, but there are a few real gems on here that are worth checking out.

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