WordPress MU at Wordcamp NY

Cool slide shows of WPMu in action: http://wpmututorials.com/elsewhere/our-slides-from-wordcamp-new-york Can’t wait for the video.

Ten things to consider when building a web page for SEO heaven

1. Choose the correct DOC TYPE. Pages will not validate with an incorrect DOC TYPE and your page may even cause browsers to flip out for no obvious reason. 2. Create a unique META description and title tag for each page that will reflect the real content of that page. Slow down and read the [...]

The 10 guitars that changed music


Basecamp by 37Signals.com makes project management easier

Basecamp by 37Signals.com makes project management easier.

77 Ways to Learn Faster Deeper and Better

Cool article outlining a bunch of techniques for kicking and keeping your brain in shape. Click this for more.