Google Wave offers online collaboration. Where’s my invite? Two minute video that gives a glimpse of Google Wave. Sign up:

Ten things to consider when building a web page for SEO heaven

1. Choose the correct DOC TYPE. Pages will not validate with an incorrect DOC TYPE and your page may even cause browsers to flip out for no obvious reason. 2. Create a unique META description and title tag for each page that will reflect the real content of that page. Slow down and read the [...]

ecommerce doesn’t get much easier than this

Just found this terrific video for anyone out there into WordPress and wanting an online ecommerce solution. Enjoy! Hacked!!! (Saturday January 31, 2009)

Saturday, January 31, 2009. Searching this morning has yielded some bizarre results. Every site is now harmful to your system! How the mighty have fallen. I feel for you googlers. I too check on most of the sites I work on every morning for the .htaccess hack. Quite a pain in the ass. Click [...]

Milkhouse Music for Your Listening Pleasure

I put up a little site for those of you who would like to listen to some Milkhouse music from days gone by. File under Grand Rapids, MI late 1990′s music scene, baby.