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CSS Resets – Friend or Foe

I recently found this article which summarizes my own feelings on using CSS resets in your stylesheets. The following is probably pure jibberish to those of you who aren’t designers. (I’m just dreaming/wishing/hoping my own quality control department reads this one.) One of the principles I took away from the Web Standards community was the [...]

Web hosts iPower, PowWeb, StartLogic all owned by Endurance International Group

I am in the process of moving all of my hosting clients off of iPowerWeb (iPower) as each account comes up for renewal. It’s an opportunity to also upgrade the platform they’re on as it has been a few years for a lot of these websites. Why? If you’ve ever dealt with iPower as a [...]

Enzology-the story of Split Enz radio series

“Podcast” History of Split Enz. In ten parts!! Enzology is Radio New Zealand National’s documentary covering the history of New Zealand’s most iconic band – Split Enz. Five years in the making, this ten-part series covers the history of the band from their beginnings in Auckland as an acoustic ensemble in 1972, to their final [...]

The ultimate Man List – 100 things every man should know

My grandfather was a collector of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines in the 1950′s and 1960′s so I had a lot of fun checking out the list. How many of these skills do you know?

Video – Uninstalling Ubuntu from a dual boot windows vista machine

I especially like the way he turns his computer on and off. Now that’s respect!