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Beautiful Table Designs

Every once in a while I’ll post something up here just to know where it is and share it if anyone needs it. I stumbled upon this great design site in his online portfolio: These are just a couple out of (looks like) a 100 or so designs, most all very nice.

We have to stop designing websites with Firefox?!

I’ve had enough. I’m a Mac Apple dude to the hilt, but we can’t make a living just designing with FF. I have (shamlessly) tried to extend my old-school table designs in order to speed the completion of designs for clients for too long,… so now with the long awaited death DEATH! of ie6 I [...]

Testing the Insights Plugin for WordPress

Vladimir Prelovac has written an interesting WP plugin called “Insights” which can be downloaded from his website here. Currently with Insights you can instantly search: Your Blog (creates a hyperlink) Flickr Returns about 30 Flickr images to choose from. Youtube This didn’t work so well. I still had to grab the code from Youtube myself. [...] is going to pay you back for buying music

Berkeley, Calif.-based Popcuts, which publicly launched its Web site in early August, charges users 99 cents per song. Thereafter, whenever someone else buys the same song, those who have already bought it get paid in credit that can be redeemed for more Popcuts music. The earlier you buy a song, the larger your cut of [...]

Google enters the browser business! Extra-long article on the abc news site to boot!