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Music Video 2.0 and Mathieu Saura

Being the ex small-market minor-celeb-rocker that I am, I still enjoy reading the weekly live music industry insider newsletter from Encore, usually there is one or two decent articles in there. The videos may not be playing on MTV, but they’re all over the Web, where sites like the Black Cab Sessions and Pitchfork TV [...]

Meet Glen Campbell (Yes, the Singer of Rhinestone Cowboy)

<A HREF=”” mce_HREF=””> Widgets</A>Guilty pleasure anyone? O.K. I admit it. This is one of the coolest albums to come along in a long time for me. No, I’m not a fan of country music in general. I do like a few of the artists who exist in that realm and I secretly wish that they [...]

Why are architects’ websites so bad?

Steve Rose at the Guardian UK has a lovely rant and some great examples of crazy websites built for architects. I’ve been around long enough to remember designing websites in 1998 and yeah,… there weren’t many ways to make a website very “interactive” if thats what you want to call it. I once programmed my [...]

Funny Web 2.0 Validation site

Is your site Web 2.0? Funny Web 2.0 Validation site.

Massive 20 Page History of the Atari Company’s Steve Fulton posted a massive history of the Atari company in which he catalogs with quotes from former Atari employees the incredible rise of Atari. I never owned a 2600 when I was a kid. My friend had Intellivision though, and we spent many hours and many more quarters at the arcade on classics [...]